Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Latinum on Patreon

Evan der Millner moved his audio catalogue to Patreon in April 2017; the catalogue is available on a subscription model, with two levels of subscription - one that allows streaming only, and a higher level subscription that allows you to download content for offline listening.

As of June 2018,the prices are $5 USD a month for the streaming catalogue, and $10 a month for the download catalogue (which of course also includes steaming).

Evan continues to regularly upload new audio materials to the Patreon catalogue - at present he is working on producing a comprehensive audio course for learning Greek. This course uses Kontopoulos' Greek Ollendorff, introducing Ancient Greek through the medium of a conversational textbook based on early modern Greek - using a form of Katharevousa style that is heavily influenced by Attic Greek. Kontopoulos had earlier edited a Greek translation of Kendrick's Greek Ollendorff - a conversational manual for Attic Greek, and his Greek Ollendorff his highly influenced by this textbook; the vocabulary used by Kontopoulos is almost exclusively Atticised. In sum, this is possibly the most painless and gentlest easing into the study of Ancient Greek ever contrived, and this method of learning ancient Greek was recommended by giants such as Blackie in the late 1900s.

Kontopoulos' textbook was forgotten and completely neglected by Greek students, until revived by Mr Millner as an audio course - in a similar manner to which he revived Adler's Latin 'Ollendorff' course.

Both courses (Adler's is available as a complete course) and Kontopoulos' (currently in production) are available on Patreon.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Corderius - Colloquia Selecta for Latin Students


Virgil's Aeneid Audiobook for Students in Latin and English


Adler's Latin Language Audio Course


Eutropius - A Latin Audiobook


Maud Reed's 'Julia' - A Latin Audiobook


D'Ooge's 'Colloquia Latina' in Latin Audio